Flex Glue On Boots are a good option in situations where you need constant protection for hooves for a few days, or if you need hoof protection that will stay on no matter what.


We recommend using Flex Glue Ons for a maximum of seven days at a time.


Glue On Boots are sold individually, to order a pair please add two to your basket

Flex Glue-On Boot

  • Flex Glue-On Boots come in the following sizes:

    Boot size Hoof width Hoof length
    80 75-85 mm 80-90 mm
    90 85-95 mm 90-100 mm
    100 95-105 mm 100-110 mm
    110 105-115 mm 110-120 mm
    120 115-125 mm 120-130 mm
    130 125-135 mm 130-140 mm
    140 135-145 mm 140-150 mm

    Note: we only stock sizes 120 and 130, other sizes can be ordered in if necessary. Please contact us for more information.

    Please see out fit & size page for detailed information about how to measure for Flex Glue-On Boots and how to determine the best size boots for your horse.